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Change it up!

Ready to start saving but don't know how to take the first step? We've got your back with a convenient way to start building your savings! Enroll in our new Debit Card Round Up Program and we will round up each purchase you make on your Park City Debit Card to the nearest dollar, and deposit the difference straight into your savings account. Curious how it works? Take a look at the example below: 

  Debit Card Purchase Round UP Amount Amount Difference
Gas $40.50 $41.00 $0.50
Groceries $98.72 $99.00 $0.28
Retail $5.13 $6.00 $0.87
Total Transferred Into Savings* - - $1.65

This pain-free, passive way to contribute to your savings will help start you down the track to a more financially stable future. Are you ready to start rounding up? Click here to download the enrollment form and drop it by your nearest Park City location

*Example is for illustrative purposes only. Park City Credit Union’s Debit Card Round Up program requires a qualifying checking account with Visa® debit card. Actual savings will vary based on debit card use. The program is not available for Health Savings Accounts, Platinum Money Market, UTMA/Custodial or Business/Organizational Checking. Each rounded amount will be between $0.01 and $0.99. Transfers will be completed in one lump sum at the end of each day. The credit union reserves the right to cancel or modify the Debit Card Round Up program at any time. See credit union for details.