Five Fuel Efficient Cars To Save You Money At The Pump!

Share on facebook Share on twitter With gas prices soaring, many Americans are feeling the financial sting at the pump. Stops to fill up are costing anywhere between $70 to $100 on average cars, so it might be time to consider trading in for a more fuel efficient model. If you’re thinking about trading in Read More »

Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck: A Credit Union Solution

woman looking at her money as she counts it

Share on facebook Share on twitter Making ends meet. A shoestring budget. Scraping by. Scrimping. No matter what you call it, a recent study finds that seven out of ten Americans are now living paycheck-to-paycheck. If you’ve never had to adopt this lifestyle, consider yourself lucky. At Park City Credit Union, we understand the immense Read More »

Protect Your Phone

woman with a phone

Share on facebook Share on twitter Do you use a cell phone? Most of us will answer yes to that question. These days a phone is not just for making calls— our phone is also a mini computer we bring with us everywhere. When you think about it, a phone and a computer can do Read More »

Teens Falling Prey to Online Scams

Share on facebook Share on twitter Did you know that teens are now falling prey to online scams even faster than seniors? In 2020, there were over 23,000 online scam complaints from individuals under 21 years old. This suggests that no matter how well-versed you are in technology and the internet, you can still be Read More »

5 Ways To See Your Favorite Team Live on a Budget

Share on facebook Share on twitter Seeing your team win in person can be great, but you know that it can get pretty darn expensive. If you’ve ever been to a game, you know very well that cheap seats don’t really come cheap. Plus, if you want to take your entire family with you, it Read More »

Start Holiday Shopping Early

Share on facebook Share on twitter For most of your life, Thanksgiving (and subsequently Christmas) have probably involved family bonding opportunities and hassle-free trips to the grocery store and mall. However, because of the pandemic and its effects on retailers worldwide, the holiday season might look a little different this year. What Changed? Because of Read More »

Halloween Party Hacks

Share on facebook Share on twitter Are you tired of experiencing the same Halloween parties over and over — and spending a lot on them? You might have searched here and there to find budget-friendly Halloween ideas, but you don’t have any luck. If you see something that interests you, it might be so expensive Read More »

Renting vs. Owning

Share on facebook Share on twitter There are many reasons why people choose to rent rather than own a home. Some renters simply like the idea of owning a temporary place as they are still unsure if they want to settle down while others want to avoid the many expenses of ownership. However, the major Read More »