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Don’t Let Amazon become Scam-azon

“There’s something wrong with your Amazon® account.” It could be a suspicious purchase, a lost package, or an order they can’t fulfill. If you’ve received one of these calls and hung up, you did the right thing.

Spam calls are running rampant right now from scammers pretending to be companies like Amazon® and Apple® trying to convince you that there’s an issue with your account, and they just need a little information from you. The problem is, that little bit of information they are requesting could cost you big time. In fact, one credit union member who encountered this kind of call unknowingly gave up their information to the scammer and lost $7,000!

“While some departments at Amazon® will make outbound calls to customers, Amazon® will never ask you to disclose or verify sensitive personal information or offer you a refund you do not expect,” Amazon® said in a recent response to these bogus calls. Amazon® advises that you report any suspicious or fraudulent correspondence by visiting Report Suspicious Emails, Phone Calls, Text Messages, or Webpages for more information.

In most of these scenarios, callers are being directed to push certain numbers for assistance. If you get an unexpected call or message about a problem with any of your accounts, hang up.

  • Do not press 1 to speak with customer support.
  • Do not call the phone number they gave you.
  • Do not give out your personal information.

If you feel you have fallen victim to one of these scams, please contact the credit union immediately. We can assist you in proactively securing your accounts to try and avoid any losses.

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