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Don’t Fall for Tech Support Scams

Share on facebook Share on twitter Have you ever received a call, pop-up, or an e-mail informing you of an issue with your PC? The callers or notifications may claim they are from the government or companies like Microsoft. If you recognize this situation, you are not alone. These notifications can be scary and believable, Read More »

What You Need to Know About Payday Loans

Share on facebook Share on twitter A payday loan, also called a “cash advance” or “check advance” loan, is a type of unsecured personal loan based on how much you earn. These loans charge borrowers with high interest and short-term repayment demands. Due to their extreme high-interest rates, payday loans may be considered predatory lending. Read More »

Three Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Is So Expensive

car insurance

Share on facebook Share on twitter Did you know the average American pays $1,674 a year or about $140 a month on auto insurance?* Like it or not, it’s a necessity if you own a car however it doesn’t have to be so expensive. Want to try and get a better rate? Here are three Read More »

How To Make the Most Out of Your Child Tax Credit Payments

Father and Child

Share on facebook Share on twitter The Child Tax Credit (CTC) of 2021 is set to be a game-changer for low-income families with children, and The Biden Administration estimates that these new improvements could go as far as cutting child poverty in half, bringing direct payments to nearly 40 million Americans. Starting July 15th, the Read More »

July 31st is National Mutt Day

dog shaking water

Share on facebook Share on twitter Did you know July 31st is “National Mutt Day?” There’s no doubt if you have a family pet you probably celebrate them every day, but sometimes those vet bills and other expenses can creep up pretty fast. We’ve compiled a few ways you can save without sacrificing giving your Read More »

Lobby Opening

Young startup coffee cafe owener open and welcome customer. New small business owener.

Share on facebook Share on twitter February 2021 Reopening All lobbies have reopened once again! While we are excited to see all of our members again in-person, we do continue to ask our members who have standard teller transactions to continue to use one of our drive-ups or online solutions to allow for adequate social Read More »

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