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What is the routing number for Park City Credit Union?

The routing number is 291580614.

What information do I need for direct deposit or to authorize an automatic payment withdrawal?

You will need the full 9-digit savings account number or the full 14-digit checking account number, along with the routing number.

How long will my debit card remain active?

Your debit card will work until the last day of the month that it is set to expire. A replacement card will be mailed to you mid-month of the last month, to your address on file with Park City Credit Union. If you change your address, please visit any PCCU branch and verify we have the most current address.

Can I have my online banking reset or unlocked with a written request?

No, please call (715) 536-8351 to have your account(s) reset or unlocked.

Where can I redeem my Buzz Points Rewards?

Please visit the Buzz Point website.

My E-Statements are not showing up on my web browser.

If your E-Statements are not showing up on your current browser, try using a different web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. If you're still experiencing technical issues with other browsers, please call (715) 536-8351 (remember E-Statements are not accessible on the Google Chrome browser).

What are your hours?

All of our hours of operation at our locations are available and listed here.

How will I be notified of Holiday Closures?

Holiday closures will be listed on the main page of our website (as an "alert") as they occur. Closures will also be listed at all Park City Credit Union locations. Also, you can call us any time regarding closures at (715) 536-8351.

What do I do regarding a lost or stolen card? 

Information regarding lost or stolen cards can be found here.

For credit cards, we ask that you call (800) 325-3678 and report it immediately. 

For debit cards, we ask that you call (800) 383-8000 and report it immediately.