Person-to-Person Payments (P2P)

We're excited to offer Person-to-Person or P2P payment options for our members enrolled in our bill pay service. The P2P program allows you to electronically send money to any individual located in the United States. You will not be asked to enter their account and routing number. Instead, you will be asked to specify how you wish to send the payment, either through a secure text message or email communication. With your transfer, you will enter a password that will need to be provided to the recipient. They will be sent a link to a secure website that walks them through the steps of collecting the money you sent.

In order to access the P2P service, you must be enrolled in bill pay. You can enroll in bill pay by logging into your online banking and selecting "Enroll in Bill Pay." It'sMe247 Bill Pay offers some great features:

  • Free when used at least once per calendar month (using P2P counts)*
  • Full integration within online banking
  • Full mobile functionality for your phone or tablet
  • Real-time access to checking account balance
  • Reminders if balance isn't sufficient to pay bills

Already enrolled in bill pay? Great! Now you can start using our P2P service. Simply hover over the 'Pay & Transfer' tab in your online banking and select 'Pay Anyone' to get started. Follow the prompts to complete your payment and you're set!

Frequently Asked Questions

Making a P2P Payment:

Canceling a P2P Payment:

Accepting a P2P Payment:

*5.95 fee is assessed when not used at least once per calendar month.