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Build better credit — join our Credit Rebuilder Program!

Park City Credit Union's Credit Rebuilder Program is a loan program to help you establish or re-establish your credit when other typical means are not available. Learn valuable budgeting skills in order to make consistent loan payments. 

Your credit score is a very important number. It can affect getting a loan, a credit card, and sometimes, even a job. The lower your credit score number, the higher interest rate you will have to pay. That’s why we offer a program to help you rebuild your credit and get on the road to financial success.

Advantages of Credit Rebuilder Program:

  • No down payment required
  • No application fee
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Get out of the "payday loan cycle"
  • Build financial skills, such as budgeting and saving
  • We report your payment behaviors to the credit bureau on a regular basis
  • Good payment behaviors help build or rebuild your credit score
  • Debt Protection insurance available

Call us at (715) 536-8351 to learn more. Or, stop by a convenient Park City Credit Union location!


  • You take out a loan for as little as $500
  • We will place the amount in your savings account and place a hold on the funds
  • You make monthly loan payments
  • We release the principle as payments are made
  • We report your repayment behaviors to the credit bureau
  • You can save the released funds for an emergency, down payment on a future loan, or however you like

Plus, you can even talk with a financial counselor and receive free tips to help you stay on the right track.

Start your path to better credit today!

Stop in and see one of our loan officers or contact us at 855-PARKCCU. Our loan officer will assess your current situation and help determine the best path for you.

We've got the answers!

This project is being funded in part by the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation, Inc. in support of its REAL Solutions® Initiative efforts.

Credit terms and conditions may apply.