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Membership Qualifications: A person qualifies for membership with Park City Credit Union if they (or a family member) live, work or own land in the following counties: Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Iron, Price, Vilas, Taylor, Forest, Rusk, Langlade.

Park City Credit Union Membership Qualifications

At least one qualification must apply in order to become a PCCU member


  • Persons (or immediate family members) residing or employed within above area


  • A majority of the directors, owners or members are eligible for membership
  • Has a business location within any qualifying geographical location (listed above)


  • A majority of the persons who are settlor(s), trustee(s) and beneficiary(ies) are eligible for membership


  • 12 and older: Joint membership/savings account with parent/guardian
  • Under 12: Custodial membership/account

When opening a membership please bring the following with:

  • A valid photo
  • ID Proof of address 
  • Social Security number
  • $5.00 membership deposit

If you are looking to open a joint account you will need the secondary persons ID and address verification. A joint account would require both parties to be present at the opening.

Forms of Photo ID we can accept:

  • Driver’s License, State Issued ID Card or Instruction Permit
  • Student ID (from the current year)
  • Passport/ Would need address verification in addition to
  • Military ID

Forms of Proof of Address we can accept:

  • Utility Bill (Gas or Electric, Water, Phone etc.)
  • Paystub/Pay check from CURRENT employer
  • Medical Bill
  • Tax Bill
  • Voter Registration
  • Lease (Must be signed by lessee & landlord)
  • Insurance Policy/ Documents
  • Vehicle Registration
  • W2 or current tax forms
  • Letter/Correspondence from State of WI (Medicaid, Child Support)
  • Letter/Correspondence from Social Security Administration