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Membership Qualifications: A person qualifies for membership with Park City Credit Union if they (or a family member) live, work or own land in the following counties: Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Iron, Price, Vilas, Taylor, Forest, Rusk.

Park City Credit Union Membership Qualifications

At least one qualification must apply in order to become a PCCU member


  • Persons (or immediate family members) residing or employed within above area
  • Employees of PCCU


  • A majority of the directors, owners or members are eligible for membership
  • Has a business location within any qualifying geographical location (listed above) • Public depositor


  • A majority of the persons who are settlor(s), trustee(s) and beneficiary(ies) are eligible for membership


  • 12 and older: Joint membership/savings account with parent/guardian
  • Under 12: Custodial membership/account (management approval needed for exceptions)

Any exceptions for minor memberships/savings accounts must be approved by management. All exceptions need to have a tracker on the account under the ‘Minor’ tracker type indicating what the exception was and who approved it. Exceptions not recommended for 10 and under

Items required to open a Membership

A valid photo ID (from the current year for school id’s or that is not expired)

  1. Proof of address (if photo ID does not have)
  2. Social Security number (they do not need that actual card)
  3. They need to provide a code word for the membership
  4. $5.00 membership deposit
  5. For Accounts with a joint owner we would need:
    1. Joint owners valid photo ID with their current address
    2. Address verification if their address is not current on their ID.
    3. If the primary and the joint are unable to be present the same day they would have to come back when they both could be present together in order to add that joint owner onto the account. Only exception would be if the joint owner can come in the same day the account is opened.

Scan a legible copy of Photo ID and Address Verification.

Forms of Photo ID we can accept:

  • Driver’s License, State Issued ID Card or Instruction Permit
  • Student ID (from the current year)
  • Passport/ Would need address verification in addition to
  • Military ID (we cannot take a copy of this-write down ID Number and dates)
  • Medicare card only in cases where they do not have a DL

Forms of Proof of Address we can accept:

  • Utility Bill (Gas or Electric, Water, Phone etc.)
  • Paystub/Pay check from CURRENT employer
  • Medical Bill
  • Tax Bill
  • Voter Registration
  • Lease ( Must be signed by lessee & landlord)
  • Insurance Policy/ Documents
  • Vehicle Registration
  • W2 or current tax forms
  • Letter/Correspondence from State of WI (Medicaid, Child Support)
  • Letter/Correspondence from Social Security Administration