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Get our take on a number of financial topics that may affect your day-to-day banking, plus general financial advice and tips to improve your experience.

Medical Expenses Have Gone Crazy. You Don't Have to Do the Same

By: Park City Credit Union

Published: 05/14/2019

It doesn?t make sense to worry about things you can?t control. The steps we?ve outlined may not solve all your problems or eliminate all your medical debt, but they can go a long way toward helping you feel like you have a little more control. That?s a step in the right direction.

Credit Card Regret

It?s More Common Than You Think

By: Park City

Published: 05/10/2019

If you?ve ever opened a new credit card account and felt that distinctive twinge that tells you it was a bad decision, there?s a pretty good chance you filled out that credit application for the wrong reason.

Summer Savings

5 Ways to Save in 5 Weeks

By: Park City CU

Published: 03/26/2019

Summer vacation. During your elementary, middle, and high school years, those two magical words meant three months of freedom!

Make Spring Cleaning Pay Off This Year!

Cash For Your Trash

By: Park City CU

Published: 03/18/2019

We've compiled a helpful list of everyday items that carry solid resale value and the best ways to sell them.

Let the Taxpayer Beware

Learn to Spot Six Common Tax Scams

By: Park City CU

Published: 03/05/2019

Now that your W2s and miscellaneous tax documents have arrived, tax season is officially in full swing. Learn how to protect yourself from these common tax scams.