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  • What Really Impacts Your Credit Score?

    Fact vs. Fiction

    Published: November 06, 2018
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  • Do Your Resolutions Need a Do-Over?

    There's Still Hope

    Published: November 01, 2018
    Believe it or not, 2018 is almost over. You’ve already flipped the calendar page ten times, and if ...

  • Clear Up Your Tipping Confusion

    Are You Tipping Correctly?

    Published: October 31, 2018
    Tipping. Conversation about the topic can spark lengthy debates with opinions ranging from staunch support to ...

  • Your First Credit Card

    9 Things to Remember

    Published: October 31, 2018
    Getting your first credit card is a significant financial milestone. After sorting through an endless array of...

  • Financial Fitness

    It Helps More Than Just Your Money

    Published: September 27, 2018
    When you hear the word “fitness,” what comes to mind? Gym memberships? Weights and treadmills? ...