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Card Contact Info

Credit Cards

Report a lost or stolen Park City Credit Union credit card by calling 800-325-3678.

ATM/Debit Cards

Having an issue with your card? We know that being able to reach someone at any time of day is important. That's why you can call and talk to a real person 24/7 to find out issues with your card such as if it was declined or did not work, verify activity, or remove a block. If you need card assistance you can call 1-866-508-2693 at any time to speak to a representative.

Report a lost or stolen Park City Credit Union ATM/debit card by calling 800-383-8000.

The above numbers may be used at any time, day or night. It's important that you call right now! If you prefer, you may also contact any Park City Credit Union office if you're reporting your loss during regular business hours.

Rest assured your liabilities are limited. For ATM/debit cards, your Park City Credit Union checking account that's tied to your card features ID Theft/Fraud Protection through the IDSafeChoice program. It's a feature of all checking accounts at Park City Credit Union, and covers your checking, as well as other accounts for the primary account holder, or up to 3 generations of your family members if you selected the added coverage.

Any fraudulent credit card transactions are also covered through your IDSafeChoice program, as well as the legal limits regarding unauthorized charges on a credit card.

Again, it's important that you report your lost card immediately. Then, feel free to follow up with us regarding any additional steps you should take to protect your accounts and your identity.